What is this thing called “art” and what are they teaching us?

I thought I would answer three questions about myself. These questions are an example of my main point but I am going to answer these truthfully. And as you read the questions, take note in your head what your answers are.

“What do you fear most in your life today?” –
– I fear what other people think of me.

“What do you love?” –
– I love everyone. I don’t love things. But I love people.

“What makes you laugh?” –
– When things don’t work the way they are supposed to.

“What’s on your mind?” –

– Writing this post. My head hurts.

What to you is art? Is it the way people draw? Is it music? Is it photos?

Art is what is appealing to you, or something that has significance that it dosen’t have to everbody. Art is all about expressing yourself. Commonly in schools, they teach art in a way that is just drawing, and you are judged if you are good at it by how well you can draw. Art classes in schools have nothing to do with producing art. When really, all they’re are teaching is duplicating a common form of art. The teacher tells you what to draw and day by day, you add to it.

Now think about what you are good at, or you just enjoy doing. It could be drawing, music, writing, or whatever it may be, if you set your mind to it, you could make art out of that.

Here is my example,

I like making music, videos, and writing. Heres what I could do with these questions.

“What do you fear most in your life today?” –
– I could write a post about why people care what other people think of them.

“What do you love?” –
– Write a post about this thing called “Love”.

“What makes you laugh?” –
– Make a video on things that just fail.

“What’s on your mind?” –

– I’m not creative enough for this one. I feel if I answer this, It will turn into a paradox.

I used more of a method to come up with what I needed to, but thats not a bad thing. You can always think of different ideas.

Let me know if you had any unrealized art. I know, that when I learned what art really was, that I had some surprise artistic talent that I didn’t know was art. I got this idea from a Youtube project happening today where everyone was supposed to film what was significant to them. And this guy would throw a whole bunch of clips together. The video is below, so i’ll explain no more. But what he failed to explain was that it was a compilation of art.


3 Comments on “What is this thing called “art” and what are they teaching us?”

  1. Susan Young says:

    Loved this post. Thanks for answering the questions yourself. Very thought provoking. What am I afraid of? What do I love? What makes me laugh? and…What’s in my pocket? Terrific questions as conversation starters too.

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  3. Lovelly post! You provided the questions and you answered then back..cool..so can you send me a question and this time i will provide you the answer..lets play this game

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